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About us

Superior lighting technology

Noorfan Espadana Engineering Company

The initial core of this complex was formed at the beginning of 2007 with the idea of optimizing electricity consumption by using LED technology in the lighting industry, and after nearly two years of designing, testing, improving and attracting specialized personnel in the summer of 2009, The name of Rojan street lamp was introduced to the market.

Due to the importance of optimizing energy consumption and institutionalizing the culture of saving, Noorfan Company is ready to provide the following services to our valued customers:


Successful projects
Customer Satisfaction

Design, production and implementation of LED lights and lighting systems, decorative lights and LED fountains

Supplier of parts, consulting, design, production and implementation of solar energy systems (Solar) with the highest standards

Consulting and implementation of electrical energy optimization systems in buildings

Obtaining European quality certification

Noorfan Company, in continuation of its efforts, has succeeded in obtaining the European quality certificate for its street lights, projectors and cylindrical lights, and in the domestic arena, the products of this company have succeeded in obtaining the approval of the technical tender committee of Markazi and Qom Province Electricity Distribution Company.

24 months warranty

All Noorfan products have a 24-month warranty.